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Normal to Oily Facial Moisturizer

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Product Details
Normal to Oily Facial Moisturizer - Clear Skin Moisturizer
1.5 oz glass jar
This lightweight yet very effective moisturizer as it soothes and softens your skin while combating problem areas. Targets the skin's natural healing ability at night while sleeping & protects the skin from abuse during the day. Never heavy feeling or greasy! This is gentle enough to use around eye area.
After cleansing, apply moisturizer into fingertips and rub together. Apply to face and neck, gently rubbing moisturizer into the skin using a circular motion. Vegan, Organic Gluten-free. Oil-free.

An Egyptian formula of rare ingredients for skin repair.
Ingredients: monoatomic gold, Frankincense, myrrh, saffron.

Helps with acne scars, oily skin, and alleviates most skin conditions.
Great for aging skin, brown spots, and wrinkles

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