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Cold Pressed Neem Oil

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Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil - 1oz

Theraneem Naturals Certified Organic Neem Oil

Neem oil is prized for its high levels of essential fatty acids and antioxidants giving it an ability to cool, calm, moisturize and nourish even the most sensitive skin and scalps.
Recommended for: Dry Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Scabies, Itchy skin, Insect Bites, Rashes, Ringworm, Topical skin issues, Dandruff, Sensitive scalps
Neem oil can be diluted in a carrier oil or shampoo or used directly on skin and scalp irritations. Pure Neem oil is not for internal use. Neem oil is renowned for protection and prevention and has been used for thousands of years for its ability to promote healthy skin, hair, scalp and encourage hair growth. Virgin Neem oil has a nutty-garlic odor; this unique aroma is caused by the retention of volatile oils present in Neem oil, diluting Neem oil in a carrier oil like coconut oil in a 10-20% concentration will help mask its natural aroma while maintaining its effectiveness. Due to Neem oil's high concentration of essential fatty acids, it begins to solidify at cool room temperature (around 72 degrees). To restore to a liquid state, simply warm the bottle in your pocket or a mug of warm water (do not microwave or boil, excessive heat will degrad the neem oil). The transition from solid to liquid or vice versa has no effect on the therapeutic properties of Neem oil.
100% Pure and Organic
obtained by cold pressing.
Rich in nourishing essential fatty acids and antioxidants
Gentle and soothing for itchy, irritated and sensitive skin and scalps.
Neem oil is a gentle, yet effective alternative to tea tree oil with similar therapeutic benefits.
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